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Полезные фразы для написания ЭССЕ
1 абзац. Введение

It is common knowledge that _____
There is no doubt that ____________ is/are an essential part of our lives.

I am currently working on the project aimed at finding out ________ among young Zetlanders (обязательно указание страны).

As part of my project, I have found a table / pie chart / diagram, containing the results of the opinion poll, which I am going to analyse and express my opinion on the matter.
2 абзац. Основные факты

According to the pie chart / diagram, the majority of the respondents (___ %) prefer / choose / think that ______
The data in the pie chart / diagram clearly shows / illustrates that _____ is by far the most popular item / product / option

The abovementioned _____ is followed by ______ that is / are chosen by ___ %.

It is important to notice that the minority of the young people (__%) prefer ______ , putting it at the bottom of the list.
Finally, _______ appears to be the least popular reason/choice/option (___%).
3 абзац. Сравнение + комментарий почему так

However, it is worth mentioning that the number of people who ______ (__%) is almost 3 times as high as the number of those respondents whose reason is to _______ (__ %).
The analysis of the data shows that ______ , which are liked by __%, appear to be loved __ % more than ________ (___ %).

It is quite surprising because _________ (объяснение почему так)
или It seems that _________ (объяснение почему так)
4 абзац. Проблема + Решение

Проблема, которую необходиму упомянуть в эссе, не обязательно должна быть связана с данными из таблицы. Она может быть из жизни и просто касаться этой темы

One problem that can arise with _-ing ______ is that _________
Although ______ has many benefits, there are also certain problems associated with it.

Fortunately, this issue can be solved by _-ing __________
The best way of solving this problem is to __________

Примеры проблем по темам и их решения 
5 абзац. Заключение + Личное мнение

In conclusion, I am convinced that _______ is really important for youngsters as it ____


Taking everything into consideration, I believe that ________ play(s) an important role in our life.
They give / It gives people an opportunity to ___________

Полезные фразы для Задания 4 Устной части: Сравнение двух фотографий
1 пункт: введение + описание

Hello, my dear friend / Hello, Sasha (или любое другое имя).

I᾽ve found 2 excellent photos for our project «название проекта, которое дано в задание» and
- I᾽d like to say a few words about them.
- I would like to tell you about them.
- I᾽d like to discuss them with you.

I᾽ve chosen these pictures because they both illustrate (общая тема для обеих фото)…

Let me start by describing the first picture which shows …
In the second photo there is/are …

However, these photos are different + кратко о том, чем они отличаются.
In the first photo there is/are … while the second one depicts …
2-3 пункты: преимущества и недостатки

I believe that both types of sport activities presented in the pictures have their advantages and disadvantages
I think that both sport activities have their pros and cons.

On the one hand, the great advantage of … is that …  whereas the advantage of … is that …

On the other hand, one of the key disadvantages of … is … while  the disadvantage of … is that …
4 пункт: а) какой вариант предпочтете и б) почему

Personally / In my opinion / As for me / As far as I am concerned / , I prefer / I would prefer (в зависимости от того как написано в задании)
because …
The main reason for this is the fact that …

That᾽s all for now. Please, tell me what you think about these photos.
That’s all I wanted to say. Let me know what you think. Bye!